Nikola Minev - Guitarist and Luthier

I am Nikola Minev. I have been constructing classical guitars for more than 38 years, the main reason being that I wasn't satisfied with the acoustic performance as well as the uncomfortable guitars that I used to play. I started off with disassembling my friend musicians' guitars changing their entire construction. In 1973 I ventured to entirely construct my first acoustic guitar having had already the necessary experience in that field. It happened so that my own first guitar was sold. After that each guitar that I used to make for myself was bought instantly.

Guitarists from different countries who were giving concerts in Bulgaria gladly offered to me their guitars for an inspection of their construction. Among these were Paco Carbonell, Raul Maldonado, Miguel Angel Girolet and others. I attended the International Guitar Festival in 1979 in Esztergrom, Hungary at which a number of very famous guitarists played two of my guitars and expressed their encouraging verdicts. Leo Brower, Costas Cotsiolis and David Russell were but a few to be mentioned. Later during their tours in Bulgaria artists like Irma Costanso and Miguel Angel Girolet encouraged me even more. So by 1992 I had already constructed more than 60 guitars which were sold mainly in Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia.

It seems that my constructing skills have been appreciated in some countries and I received a surprising invitation to conduct a guitar workshop at the College of Music in Belem, Brazil in which I had to repair string musical instruments of all kinds. I also was supposed to teach Brazilian students in the luthier's art, and what is most important, I was given full opportunity to research the Amazonian kinds of trees, suitable for

constructing a variety of musical instruments. Thus, being in the heart of the jungle I found out, quite by chance the unknown to the world of music, Amazonas Rosewood (Dalbergia Spruceana _Bth) which turned out to be more acoustic than the well-known Brazilian Rosewood (Dalbergia Nigra). I had already started to receive orders from the whole Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, the USA and Japan.

Since 2003 I have been living in Sofia, Bulgaria, building classical guitars out of this excellent rosewood.

Bogomil Todorov Varna, Bulgaria - 17 March 1981

A Classical Guitar Concert

To Nikola Minev

The guitar, with curls, shaped like a woman's
or a girl's body,
in silence she is intimately sitting on your lap,
She is your silent hostage, your inspired dedication
to art and it's titanic toil and labour.
You are absorbed entirely, mind and body
your spirit soaring up to heavenly heights
The concert hall is in standing ovation when
success is there,
remaining silent like a crater full of darkness
when you fail.
So you are sitting there on the stage - pale, inspired
holding her jealous body close to yours,
Possessed by her in the nights engulfed completely
by her body
Your fingers suddenly release a magic river of sounds
no one can stop!
Endless is the water of her sounds
full of flights, sufferings, passion and struggle
She's coiling circles of people dead and alive
of their happy aspirations and unhappy destinies.
The concert hall is like a crater full of darkness, but
something suddenly awakens it:
The lava is hissing surging and erupting.
Is that the duende of Lorca, my dear friend,
that's burning endlessly in front of others eyes ?